Fun Valentine’s Day Box Ideas for Kids: A Creative Guide

Fun Valentine’s Day Box Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about flowers and chocolates. It’s also a day for creativity, especially for our little ones. Growing up I always looked forward to crafting my own Valentine’s Day card box for school. I remember hunting around the house for any supplies that might work: a shoebox, tissue box or cereal box for the base and maybe some stickers, doilies, stamps and markers to help decorate the box.

Today, we’re introducing some fun and inventive Valentine’s Day box ideas that your kids will love! Each box serves as a charming holder for all the sweet Valentine’s cards they’ll receive.

We hope you find one that inspires you!

How to Make Valentine’s Day Card Box

Making a Valentine’sDay Card Box

Skip ahead for specific themes you can follow – from love-struck monsters and adorable animals to whimsical hot air balloons and more. First, here are the basic materials and steps to making your own box at home:

Materials Needed:

  • Shoebox or any other box (like a cereal or tissue box)
  • Paint or wrapping paper
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Additional decorations (googly eyes, stickers, ribbons, etc.)


  1. Prepare the Box: Start by covering your box. You can paint it, wrap it with wrapping paper, or cover it with construction paper. Red, pink, and white are popular colors for Valentine’s Day, but you can use any colors your child likes.
  2. Cut a Slot: Cut a slot in the top of the box. This will be where the Valentine’s Day cards will go. Make sure the slot is big enough for a card to fit through.
  3. Decorate the Box: Now it’s time for your child to get creative! They can use construction paper, stickers, ribbons, and other craft supplies to decorate the box. Some ideas include making a monster, hot air balloon, birdhouse, puppy dog, tiered cake, or train design1.
  4. Add a Personal Touch: Your child can add a personal touch to their box by writing their name on it or adding a special message like “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or “Be Mine”.
  5. Final Touches: Once your child is satisfied with their design, let everything dry completely before using the box.

Remember, these are just general guidelines, and the possibilities for decorating are endless. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy this creative time together! Now, let’s dive into some specific themes for your Valentine’s Day card box.

Creative Valentine’s Day Card Box Ideas

These unique designs are not only fun to make but also serve as adorable receptacles for all those sweet Valentine’s messages. From cute animals to fantastical creatures and whimsical themes, there’s something here to spark every child’s imagination.

Let’s get ready to transform an ordinary box into an extraordinary expression of love!

1. Heart Stickers Valentine Box

Kids will love going crazy with stickers for this simple yet super fun idea. To make: Cut a slit in the top of a shoebox, then cover the top and bottom of the box with pink paper. Then cover it with heart-shaped stickers.

Heart Stickers Valentine Box

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2. Hot Air Balloon Valentine Box

This soaring creation is sure to make hearts flutter. All you need is a small basket, a round container (like an empty oatmeal can), some paint, and a few embellishments. Paint the can and basket, attach them together with strong string or yarn, and voila, you have a hot air balloon! Don’t forget to decorate it with hearts.

Hot Air Balloon Valentine Box


3. Monster Valentine Box

Who said monsters can’t be cute? For this idea, take a shoebox and cover it with colored paper. Add some cut-out shapes for the eyes and teeth, and you’ve got yourself a friendly Valentine’s monster.

Monster Valentine Box

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4. Birdhouse Valentine Box

This adorable birdhouse box is perfect for nature lovers. Using a cardboard box as the base, cut out a hole for the door and add a small perch. Decorate it with paint and paper cut-outs of birds and hearts.

Birdhouse Valentine Box

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5. Puppy Dog Valentine Box

This one’s for the dog lovers. Start with a square box for the body and smaller boxes or paper cups for the legs. Use construction paper to create a cute puppy face, complete with floppy ears and a wagging tail.

Puppy Dog Valentine Box

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6. Rocket Ship Valentine Box

Blast off with a rocket-shaped box! Use a cylindrical container, such as an old oatmeal canister, and decorate it with shiny foil and heart-shaped stickers.

Rocket Ship Valentine Box

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7. Gumball Machine Valentine Box

This colorful idea is sure to be a hit. Paint a round box and a small pot, then glue the pot upside down onto the box to create the shape of a gumball machine. Fill the box with colorful pom-poms to represent gumballs.

Gumball Machine Valentine Box

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8. Princess Carriage Valentine Box

Create a fairy-tale carriage using a shoebox and two paper plates. Paint them pink or any favorite color, add wheels, and lots of glitter for a magical touch.

Princess Carriage Valentine Box

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9. Owl Valentine Box

An owl box is a hoot! Use a shoebox as the base, add construction paper for the face and wings, and don’t forget those big, round eyes.

Owl Valentine Box

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10. Superhero Valentine Box

Let your child’s favorite superhero inspire their Valentine’s box. Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman – the possibilities are endless!

Superhero Valentine Box

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11. Rainbow Valentine Box

A rainbow box is simple but eye-catching. Paint a shoebox in the colors of the rainbow and add cotton balls for clouds.

Rainbow Valentine Box

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12. Train Valentine Box

Choo choo! Turn multiple boxes into a train. Each box could be a different color, and you could even add wheels and a smokestack.

Train Valentine Box

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13. Cactus Valentine Box

For a prickly twist, create a cactus-themed box. Paint a box green, add some paper flowers, and don’t forget the “spikes” made from white yarn.

Cactus Valentine Box

Photo Credit: Laura Smith

14. Butterfly Valentine Box

Take flight with a butterfly box. Attach wings made from cardboard to the sides of a shoebox, then decorate with lots of colorful patterns.

Butterfly Valentine Box

Photo Credit: craft smith

15. Llama Valentine Box

This quirky idea is sure to be a hit. Use a shoebox as the base, and create a llama face and body using construction paper. Add some pom-poms for extra fun!

Llama Valentine Box

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16. Panda Bear Valentine Box

The Panda Bear design, crafted from a cereal box and paper plates, is an absolute delight. Either wooden pieces or craft foam can be used to create the feet and eye circles – both materials work excellently. And let’s not forget about the pipe cleaner bamboo – it’s arguably the epitome of cuteness!

Panda Bear Valentine Box

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17. Elephant Valentine Box

An elephant box is both cute and easy to make. A shoebox can be transformed into an adorable elephant with the addition of paper ears and a trunk.

Elephant Valentine Box

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18. Camping Tent Valentine Box

For the little adventurers, create a camping tent box using a shoebox and some fabric or paper. Add details like mini flags and campfire stickers.

Camping Tent Valentine Box

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19. Happy Camper Valentine Box

Think the camping tent idea is cute? What about this adorable camper? Turn your box into a fun caravan for collecting your valentines.

Happy Camper Valentine Box

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20. Cupcake Valentine Box

A cupcake box is as sweet as it gets. Paint a round box and add a “frosting” lid made from crumpled up tissue paper.

Cupcake Valentine Box

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21. DJ Turntable Valentine Box:

For the music lovers, a DJ turntable box is a unique and fun idea. A shoebox can be decorated to resemble a turntable, complete with painted records and dials.

DJ Turntable Valentine Box:

Photo Credit: Lindsay Tonielli

22. Popcorn Valentine Box:

This one’s perfect for movie buffs. Paint a box to resemble a popcorn container, and use crumpled yellow paper for the popcorn.

Popcorn Valentine Box:

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23. Love Bug Pillow Valentine’s Box

A love bug theme is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Make the box look like a cute little bug with heart-shaped wings and googly eyes.

Love Bug Pillow Valentine's Box

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24. Yellow Submarine Valentine Box

For Beatles’ fans, this yellow submarine-themed box could be a great hit. It’s colorful, fun, and unique.

Yellow Submarine Valentine Box

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25. Shoebox Unicorns

Turn a shoebox into a magical unicorn by adding a horn, ears, and a colorful mane. This will surely enchant the unicorn lovers.

Shoebox Unicorns

Photo Credit: Steve Carrell

26. Lego Valentine’s Box

If your child loves Legos, why not create a Lego-themed Valentine’s Day box? It could even win “Most Creative” in their class!

Lego Valentine's Box

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27. Heart Pepperoni Pizza Box

For a food-themed box, try a heart-shaped pepperoni pizza design. It’s a fun and quirky idea that’s sure to stand out.

Heart Pepperoni Pizza Box

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Have Fun Crafting this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Crafting

These DIY Valentine’s Day boxes are not only great for storing cards but also a fun way to spend quality time with your children while fostering their creativity. Plus, nothing beats the joy on their faces when they see their very own handmade creation.

So, grab your craft supplies and let the fun begin! Remember, the real gift of Valentine’s Day is the love and time we share with our little ones. Happy crafting!