Collection of Free Printables for Kids’ Puppet Shows

Free Printables for Kids Puppet Shows

Are you ready to bring stories to life with an enchanting puppet show? Our collection of free printables is designed to make creating and performing puppet shows fun and easy for kids of all ages. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these printables will inspire creativity and provide hours of entertainment.

Puppet shows are a wonderful way for kids to express their creativity, develop storytelling skills, and build confidence. Our free printables make it easy and fun to create memorable performances. Whether you’re looking for a rainy day activity, a classroom project, or a way to entertain kids at a party, our printables are the perfect solution.

Aliens Land on Earth:

Create a thrilling story where aliens land on earth and interact with the puppet characters. This could lead to funny misunderstandings or unexpected friendships!

Download and Print our Alien Stick Puppets here –

Puppets Teach a Cooking Show:

Turn your puppet show into a cooking tutorial. The puppets can demonstrate how to make simple snacks or meals, adding a dash of humor and silliness to the mix.

Download and Print our Silly Veggie Stick Puppets here –

Puppets Teach a Cooking Show

Download PDF

Animals Start a Company:

In this storyline, animals decide to start their own business. It could be anything from a bakery to a detective agency. The possibilities are endless!

Download and Print our Zoo Animal Stick Puppets here –

Animals Start a Company

Download PDF

Visiting the Scary House Down the Block:

Craft a spooky adventure where the puppets dare to visit the haunted house in their neighborhood. This could include friendly ghosts or surprising discoveries.

Download and Print our Spooky Haunted House and Stick Puppets here –

Visiting the Scary House Down the Block

Download PDF

Themed Puppet Shows:

Consider picking a theme for your puppet show. It could be based on popular characters like Mickey & Minnie, Jungle Animals, Dinosaurs, or even Unicorns and Ponies. You could also create a Lego themed puppet show or one featuring Princess Elsa & Anna.

Download and Print our Dinosaurs Stick Puppets here –

Themed Puppet Shows

Download PDF

Here’s the tutorial video that guides you through creating a puppet shows:


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